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In all honesty I have actually never ever encountered problems rolling out Flash updates via GPO as long as you update version after version (missing out on a couple of versions can cause problems). Acrobat on the other hand is one royal pain in the arse.

If you download a 10.1.3* setup file of Acrobat for example you will actually notice that said setup file actually contains a 10.0 MSI followed by a 10.1 MSP and a 10.1.1 MSP and a 10.1.3 MSP. Or some such. Seriously. WTF? Then having to create an administrative install of this fucking unnecessary mess because Fuckobe haven't the slightest fucking clue on how to keep their base installers up-to-date. And forget about rolling out the MSP's individually. Almost never works. So every single time there's an update... extract setup, extract MSI to admin install, extract all the MSP's, run the Acrobat Customization Wizard for the 74th time to make sure nothing broke the MST... DEPLOY.

No such problems with Foxit.

*I probably made those version numbers up but you get the idea. It's been a while since I had to deal with this excuse of an application.

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