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good coverage Pah!

on Orange at my mothers in Crawley (town of around 100,000) I get 1 bar if lucky.

On Voda at the same location with the same phone I get 4 bars but most times trying to make a call I get 'network busy'. This is a housing estate, not the centre of town (mind you that is looking like a ghost town these days)

On Three, there is no signal on the train between Sandhurst and Wokingham. Not exactly out in the sticks or a piss poor area. There again, I get 4bars 4G from them at home but that is not the point really.

Can the networks please sort out their existing coverage. 1 bar is not good enough in a large town.

I do think that the networks are engaging in some throttling of connections from the likes of Tesco and othe MNVo's simple becuse they don't bring in the same level of revenue as their full price customers. They'll never admit it though.

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