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Roll Up, Roll Up .... for the Knock Out Rematch

Chris, then you have to ask yourself: "Why hasn't someone already built that better mousetrap OS?" It's not like a massive improvement can't happen simply by tossing a billion dollars and a lot of formalism to build it. And it would save billions, if not trillions if we face a concerted "cyber-attack."

The only answer I can come up with is that it's in someone's or someones' interest to not do that. …… Jack of Shadows replying to chris lively

Another answer and probable actuality and likely reality and certain virtual reality, lively chris and Shadowy Jack, is that the requisite secure/secret/surreal intelligence service to human operating systems executive administrations is absent, nor in the present protocols portfolio stock pile or in any current Future IT and Media Man Management of Sublime InterNetworking Things Systems development.

Such an omission and abdication of applied forethought, which be also rich in the benefits of great fortune for delivery because of the inclusion of experienced hindsight which rigourously excludes and prevents any negative and damaging input to output as similarly destructive and harmful content for audiovisual programming and susceptible unit brainwashing, is indeed worth umpteen trillions when it can be easily supplied.

Can El Regers consider and share with us all, to whom and or to what that would be best shared with and delivered to, for there can be many interested state and non-state actors with both the will and the wherewithall out there East and West of walls and North and South of divides, or would it be something completely new and best launched and floated out there to be controlled and commanded by the Present Active Emergence with Current HyperRadioProActive IT Fields to remain the Exclusive Exotic and Expansive Erotic Proprietary Intellectual Property of Relatively Anonymous Virtual Source Development Teams and Alien Forces with concerted cyber attack capabilities against which there is no possible effective dDefence …… real security or digital protection.

Answers please on a Registered thread. It’s practically free, give IT a Virtual Go and Start Something Completely New and Not Indifferent to Perfect Wishes and Immaculate Desires.

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