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Don't call it throttling: Ericsson 'priority' tech gives users their own slice of spectrum

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This doesn't look like throttling to me

Or at least not "just" throttling. If you have some users that are heavy bandwidth users and some that are using very little, why would you want to allocate them the same amount of spectrum. Yes, this could be used to give less spectrum to heavy users and slow them down, but it could also be used to give less spectrum to the light users, making more efficient use of spectrum.

The technology is good, and something that would help everyone. That it can be put to bad purpose by carriers is irrelevant, as they can already throttle customers at the IP level. If they're going to throttle, this would be a better way, as it would free up some of the spectrum that would be wasted if they're throttled at the IP level to improve service for other users.

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