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Chinese Bitcoin farms: From scuzzy to sci-fi


Funny how no one has mentioned Flourinert yet? ANOTHER liquid from 3M created several years ago. Used in Cray Supercomputers. I guess if you can overclock the chips (especially custom made boards or perhaphs some ATI Radeon ones) yes you can have some fun with breaking encryption and making a few bucks off bitcoins or at least that realized savings in energy costs can be put back into your company budget. I remember I had 6 ATI Radeon's litterally POUNDING away 24/7 in a data center I did some work for like 4 years ago (FREE electricity!). Got up to about 200 bitcoins and didn't really think much of it because they were only worth about $5 bucks at the time and I just did it for fun. Then my online wallet got corrupted somehow so I just gave up the hobby and used the video cards to crack WPA instead and lost interest in the coins. Well, turns out that was a $200,000 mistake. Oh well.

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