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Chinese Bitcoin farms: From scuzzy to sci-fi


It seems you may not have entirely grasped Bitcoin yet.

I agree, the exchanges are not very transparent and potentially illiquid, however:

Bitcoin isn't supposed to be anonymous, who cares about the few small-time criminals that abuse the system. Legitimate transactions far outnumber (and outweigh) those of criminals.

Bitcoin requires almost no work for compliance if you go with a payment processor like BitPay or Coinbase for the time being (which also solves the capital reserve needs btw)

Nobody can come up with a better way of mining. First there was CPU mining, someone came up with a better way: GPU mining, supply stayed the same because the network automatically adjusted itself, then someone came up with FPGA mining, supply stayed the same again, because the network automatically adjusted itself, now there is ASIC mining, the supply is still on the correct trajectory because again, the network automatically ajdusted itself. Even if you were to start chipping away at bitcoin mining with Quantum Computers which far exceed ASIC capabilities, the network would quickly adjust and the supply will go back to normal.

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