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MH17 -- SA-11 / BUK complexity

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Re: MH17 -- SA-11 / BUK complexity

No. The SA-17/BUK is a very complex piece of equipment that requires at least a semi-competent operator to 'let one loose'.

The system is pretty much self contained in that it's SNOWDRIFT and SCRUM HALF radars can acquire targets and guide missiles onto those targets. The system is pretty powerful, only aircraft like the U2 and stealth a/c wouldn't take this seriously (U2 flies too high, SA-2 required!).

A civilian airliner could easily be taken out 'accidentally' if the operator was monging it and didn't go through proper target ID procedures. Typical scenario that could happen if Paramilitaries/reservists (joke) get to operate one of these systems.

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