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Getting Real ... Big Time. And when all just AIDream and IT Spin too ....

Whatever Next to Do is Always the Abiding Question.

I think it means they only have two eyes, not five eyes. ...frank ly

Ahha, and quite so, frank ly, that was just the point I making although obviously not clearly ..... binocular vision rather than panoramic thinking being a common or garden trait for crookedness everywhere, even in these new fangled and quantum entangling cyberspace times and matters.

I think it a mistake though to imagine and not realise that Five Eyes have proven and continue to confirm that they themselves are two eyed in all the novel and noble fields that now greatly matter in Global Command Head Quarters with Virtual Remote Control [and which be both a unitary and binary and tertiary affair for those into the Great Order of Sublime InterNetworking Things and Singularities]

To paraphrase a blast from the past ..... Ask not what your intelligence servers can do to you, for they can do anything, tell them what you can do for and/or to them if they be smart enough to wannabe smarter still and more than just static listening post devices and status quo machinery. .....

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