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It's not just Big Media here. The TPP, from what little we've been able to look at, is a Robber Baron's Charter, designed to allow US companies to shit on any Pacific nation government whose internal regulations make it hard for them to peddle their crap in that nation, and intended to give US corporations the godlike powers over dirty foreigners that they've always lusted after.

And our government can't wait to implement it! And with the current opposition from other parties (Japan not wanting shitty, hormone laced US beef force fed to its citizens, several 'partner' nations beginning to question why the 'Partnership' seems to involve being handcuffed to a table with their trousers round their ankles), that nice Mr Abbot wants to assure our merkin friends that Australia, at least, is ready, nay eager to comply. And the 'determination' of the givernment has more to do with getting the thing in place before the Australian people discover exactly what they've signed us up for.

And we've even brought our own handcuffs.

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