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Crumbs! Holiday phish based on genuine hotel booking surfaces

Pascal Monett Silver badge

Indeed. I am just back from a holiday trip to the US. I had booked and prepaid a hotel room in Los Angeles via a web site that I supposed was a US entity - since it was the hotel site. I was very surprised when a charge showed up on my credit card details for a certain sum in dollars from an entity based in Hungary.

I was able to match that line with the hotel room cost, but only after I had found an obscure reference to the bank name on my confirmation email. Nothing explicitly said my transaction would be handled in yet another country, and the total was not exactly the same.

This is not good customer service. People should know exactly how their online transactions are being handled, and ideally the receiving bank should be clearly labelled.

I am fast becoming a devoted follower of the IBAN transaction method. Seems much safer to send the money via bank transfer than to use credit card details that can be scammed.

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