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Why is clearance needed at all?

Just to learn how to use nmap and boot up Kali. I doubt they teach enough to do any serious damage...the courses are probably very restricted.

You dont need security clearance to study nuclear physics as far as im aware.

So is having cyber security knowledge officially more dangerous than being able to build a nuke?

Might as well do the same for social workers studying degrees. Using the same logic, if you cant get clearance you must be a paedophile.

Or people studying medicine because everyone is Harold Shipman right?

Or Law...because everyone wants to go into organised crime.

This is one of the reasons there is a "shortage" in cyber security experts. Its not that there are few out there, its because of red tape. Id love to expand my business into pentesting but thanks to insane hurdles in the way of certification I cant get into the business in any meaningful way.

I suspect hackers enjoying free speech and spreading propaganda are more frightening to the powers that be than a nuclear apocalypse.

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