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The New Normal...

First the Symantec Norton CEO goes into a meltdown, then "14 antivirus apps found to have security problems".... Now this.. So what does it all mean?

People are fed up to the teeth of reading about security scares and having to constantly patch. And patching is the new normal for software and the web. However the harsh truth is, the real problem is shitty software, shitty programming, shitty architecture, and rushing to market too early.

My users feel companies have no right to be launching defective products on the unwitting consumer. After all, who wants to buy a washing machine that leaks every other patch Tuesday.... Or a car that reboots during driving on the highway. Or a pacemaker or critical medical device made from a software firm?

If hardware firms aren't allow to get away with this, why should software firms escape end-user wrath? But instead they always get away with pushing the workload and diligence onto the consumer...

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