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Have a look at Eset's Anti-Virus. That is just anti-virus. Nothing else. No extra gimmicks and toys. (They are reserved for the full Smart Security product).

As a bonus, Eset's AV seems to have a better clearup rate on those dodgy bits of malware than many other products I deal with. It is pretty aggressive on the Snake Oil software that claims to make your computer faster, etc.

Last night I had to laugh when an Apple client of mine called me up. He had a snake oil infection. A pack of scam products (MacKeeper, Conduit, VSearch) had got onto his Mac. He claimed by "accidentally clicking something". The worrying part was how hopeless the Apple Support guys were - all they could do was advise "Bit Defender" which was pretty hopeless. (I don't want to sound like a broken advert, but you can guess what I used to do the final clear-up on that Mac)

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