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Ahh sorry, I should have explained my mental map. Cornmarket is a pedestrianised street that connects Queen St and Broad St, and is about 150m long. Only Blue lights can pass along it, and if you've ever piled out of the PT at 3am, you are sure to see them...

To take a taxi from one side to the other is 1.3 miles via Oxpens Rd and St Aldate (passing Pembroke on the left and Christchurch on the right).

As a result taxis can only park in two locations (ignoring the Randolph), on Queen St at one end in front of Carfax, and Magdalen St in a Taxi Rank of sorts. Hence merry-go-round as they actually circle Cornmarket...

Oxford is fairly anti-motorist since the colleges own all of the land and they were there first.

I actually had a car in my first year living in Jericho and I could park it one of 2 places - in front of my house or at my parents in London. So as cities go, probably not a bad place for self-driving car tests, and lots of human targets students and cyclists in the roads .

Self driving cars would not *need* to circle all day to find a parking space, because if one existed it could reserve it in advance - the technology already exists. Only instead of a smartphone, every car would tell every other car the space is now free.

Beer, because that's what we are all thinking...


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