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" they can use the car parks at some of those mega supermarkets that are apparently being made obsolete by e-commerce."

That will be no time soon.

I doubt you'd need to have cars cruising round looking for spaces - it seems a small further step to link the car up to something that would tell you where there was a space?"

That facility is not specific to self driving cars. Moreover, when I drive though city streets I very rarely see any spaces, and whenever car pulls out of a space ahead, someone in front of me invariably pulls straight into it. It would seem that most cars driving along city streeets are just cruising for a parking space. waiting for this to happen, so there is zero chance of an empty space half-a-mile away still being empty by the time I reach it. As for city-centre car parks; oh, the GP did away with them becase they were ugly..

"And perhaps to put the car to some good use while you're doing your shopping"

What would that be? Lend it to a neighbour? - no thanks.

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