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Here is a hypothetical for you

Neil Cooper (DasBomber) has a closed twitter feed, This means he has to approve anybody following him and only those who follow him can see his tweets.

Somebody who follows DasBomber must have either re-tweeted one of the "bomb" tweets (can you find it?) or reported the tweet to the police.

Since his followers should know both his style of tweeting and the context of the tweet, there must have been some other motivation behind reporting the tweets out of context.

Jasper Hamill, the author of the register article, is one of Neil's followers and has been since late June.

Here's the hypothetical for you.

An El Reg reporter, who has previously written articles ridiculing the police, sees tweets from one of the people he is following that could be miss-interpreted if presented in the right way. He then anonymously reports the tweets, in the right way, and waits for the expected outcome. Once the desired outcome occurs (police pay tweeter a visit) he now has another story ridiculing the police that he can publish in El Reg and get paid for.

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