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...but if Linux is free, why do they still want Microsoft?

I only took freshman economics and freshman sociology to satisfy the core requirements in Mathematics/Engineering, and then I took them both waaaay too long ago, but my understanding is that it all boils down to peer pressure and opportunity cost.

Think of it like speeding. If everyone around you is speeding, you don't want to be the ONLY guy doing the speed limit even if you're otherwise law-abiding. Plus, if everybody's doing it, what's the likelihood you're going to be the one pulled over?

You can ask yourself: What HAPPENED along this stretch of road to make everyone speed so much (if you like: Why do the Chinese, specifically, seem so much MORE willing to commit this crime in contrast to folks in other countries)? And there might be reasons regarding terrain, time of day, and so on (perhaps: IP is a new concept in Chinese culture, and moreover, doesn't really fit in well with a socialist ideal at all).

Leaving China, also, may not even be effective in slowing down the piracy problem. Remaining may be the only possibility to remediate the situation.

I say "may." I don't know. I also get frustrated when Chinese jackasses sell children's toys covered in lead, and BS like that. But I'll bet the situation has complexities I haven't thought of, so offering a solution without knowlege may be jumping the gun here. I say "may" again.

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