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Leave China PERIOD

If you don't like the terms, leave. It's really that simple. How much are you really going to make from a country whose culture doesn't fit into your business plan?

The Chinese government thinks that it can just let people steal operating systems forever just like it did with XP. Funny, but if Linux is free, why do they still want Microsoft?

Now that XP is no longer supported and all the more recent Microsoft products require activation over the internet, what can you do?

The Chinese government doesn't like XP end of life because somewhere, some politicians brother in law is not able to sell pirated copies at a huge profit like he did with XP. Worse, future implementations will rely on the "Cloud" (Big mistake Microsoft!)

The "internet" in China is already censored and getting worse. It is intermittent in many areas and the "Cloud" won't work well.

I'm also betting any Microsoft activation URL is already blocked by the great firewall.

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