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"No doubt they were delighted to see the queen and a chorus of God Save her on their hallowed ground."

Nice one. Surprisingly though, the IRA is a non sectarian and non racist organisation with strict policies to enforce this. There have been all sorts of people in it and in it's early days the leading luminaries were protestant. Of late the head of the nutting squad (1.) was an Italian who doubled as an English mole / grass. He was superbly placed to kill whoever he was asked to kill and also to kill any who were on to him and he did so with gay abandon.

But it is a funny old game. Adams is now a respected politician, McGuinness is Paisley's bezzer and attends luncheons with the Queen.

Who would have thought it? I wonder if Obama ever regrets not sitting down and having a pint and some craic with Osama?

1. Freddie Scappaticci

1.1 AKA Steak Knife

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