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We're currently using the r16.5 version of Arcserve, Arcserve D2D & Host-Based (VM) backup. Not quite unified in that release, but pretty close. Tape is still a dedicated product, with D2D plugins, but the Central Protection Manager & Host-Based backups are integrated web apps. Once we got everything setup (biggest issue was having to manually add license keys on each P-node), I pretty much just check my mailbox each morning to look at all the results.

Recovered a few VM's that have been nuked by the applications guys (whoops, did we just drop a table in the PROD DB?), and file-level restores, but no bare-metal 'P' recoveries yet. All of our critical systems ar VM's, the only physical systems are basically SOE desktops with a few 'important' files on them, D2D was just a good option for some peace of mind.

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