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Microsoft in Chinese burn ENIGMA: Anti-trust agents' 'sudden visit' to offices

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"We aim to build products that deliver the features, security and reliability customers expect, and we will address any concerns the government may have."

That's the greatest cover your ass quote of all time, even if horribly inaccurate.

1) Microsoft products have way more features than customers expect, or know about.

2) Microsoft products are way more secure than people have come to expect based on past performance. With the exception of IE, they're actually not bad, for being among the most attacked products out there. The issue is typically third party software.

Additional problems:

A) Microsoft won't price products at a level that customers can actually afford. See: VDA, SPLA, or the new "per core" licensing. Thanks, Oracle Microsoft!

B) Microsoft won't address any of the concerns that customers may have regarding their products*.

So a great bit of fluffy PR faffery...but ultimately means nothing.

*From soul-destroyingly bad UIs to tentacular omnishambles licensing through to privacy or even something as simple as guaranteed product lifespans to ensure that we don't get PlaysForSured in this increasingly Cloud First, Mobile First, Customers/Partners/Developers/Staff last world.

When the servers are turned off because they don't represent "ongoing shareholder value" for Microsoft, but you rely on them...what then? Hmm? And just who can see your data, under what circumstances? What is Microsoft doing to reduce that to "you and only you can ever see your data"?

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