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I heard a great anecdote from someone years ago who was investigated by Interpol and more after his house was burgled while on holiday (on a chartered yacht) in Spain - they turned up to investigate and found lists of wholesale prices for vast quantities of drugs, a result of our hapless hero being unable to remember the prices in the "Drugs Kingpin" game he was playing online.

Queue mysterious spanish holidaymakers who were planning on chartering the same yacht and wondered if they could look around it before he left; odd comings and goings in the night when he got back to blighty, his car alarm going off and things being mysteriously rearranged in the boot overnight; some impossibly helpful and curious PCs to assist with his burglary case and finally what turned out to be a high-speed chase down the motorway, which he didn't realise was underway until after he'd taken his intended offramp and wondered why all the rozzers were in such chaos on the motorway below him. Less amusingly they'd also had a word with his boss, but fortunately that amounted to nothing.

When they finally pulled him in they danced around it for a few hours before informing him he was bang to rights and presenting their evidence. Apparently his response (bemusement then laughter) didn't go down so well.

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