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It's not quite that simple.

Imagine Netflix content is delivered by the lorryload to your home from a Netflix factory on the other side of the country.

You pay your local council to maintain streets and local roads that connect your home to the motorway network.

Netflix pay their local council to maintain the streets and local roads that connect them to the motorway network.

The question here is about who pays to maintain the motorway network. It's full of lorries carrying Netflix content. Netflix are effectively arguing that your local council should pay to build a new motorway linking them to the Netflix factory, or at least to the motorway junction very near their factory; or alternatively your council should pay for the land and infrastructure and ongoing costs required to have Netflix build a new factory in your town. Your local council are unsurprisingly arguing that Netflix should pay to build and maintain the motorway as far as the motorway junction near your town, or at least pay the rent and infrastructure costs for Netflix to build that factory in your town.

In most similar disputes, traffic flows more or less equally in both directions, so the answer is normally for both parties to split the cost between them. However, as this particular motorway will need many more lanes heading from the Netflix factory to your town than in the other direction, the argument is not so clear cut.

Disputes like this are going to run and run...

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