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"The "solution" to this problem, unfortunately, may turn out to be metered pricing (and no, I'm not looking forward to it either.)"

Not sure why you were downvoted so much, and although I don't agree with what you're saying, I come from the "pay per bit" side and it is a big mess.

Our "all you can eat" buffet meals are never that, the fine print has some moving goal post the inflicts limits. There's nothing inherently wrong with that except: the bulk of our software comes from the US were buffet is order of the day. We're stuck with apps that eat data like there's no tomorrow. But there IS a tomorrow, when the bill arrives and we're fucked.

Especially when it comes to media, even here, there is a definite push to internet radio, internet TV, internet everything - all coming from a place where data is free for all. Even if we're willing to pay for this monstrosity, it STILL doesn't fix the pipes. Our beloved NBN is nearly a stillbirth unless you're lucky to be living in the middle of nowhere (great for testing - no-one pays attention to small townfolk when things go wrong), and the pipes in the city areas where they're really needed are in limbo - GovCo has given up and is trying to sell it off.

Bottom line is, we're still fucked, because on one side you're getting one group who's telling us "this" is the way it's supposed to be, on the other side, no bastard wants to pay for it.

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