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> Another year of hiding behind paperwork rather than delivering productivity. Another year dealing with "Dr No".

Yes. Because if your being told "no" frequently then you have clearly done all of the compliance work required for your industry instead of leaving it to IT to do your compliance management, discover it's non compliant and then come back and say "sorry, but no".

> Another year of random outages.

Personally, my core infrastructure dates back to the pre recession days and it does have random outages, part of the price of running hardware that old. Not exactly the IT staff's fault if the hardware is running on borrowed time! Presumably the management feels that the cost of the downtime is less than the cost of replacement equipment.

> Another year of stealth changes that knock out whole chains of systems. It just goes on and on.

Doesn't happen in my environment, but then nobody can actually install anything I don't support!

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