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I am not sure that I am with the ISP in this case

Traffic is traffic is traffic - why is it different for the ISP piping Netflix to the customer than any other traffic?

As far as I remember, the price for GB was 2-3 cents at the interchange, so all those 2 - 3 TB of data that Netflix is pushing to the servers at the ISP is $40 - 90 dollars a day. I am not sure how much power they would draw, but let's put some made up numbers, let's say 20 servers at 200 W each, which should be 4 kW/h, about 50 cents/hour, or 12 dollars a day.

So for 100 bucks a day, an ISP can host Netflix? Is $3000 a massive amount for even a small ISP with a few thousand customers? I don't know, I am asking.

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