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WordPress or a Purpose Built CMS... Let Me Think About That....

WordPress: in constant development, regular updates, open source, many core developers, multiple development teams, easy to extend, thousands of plugin and theme developers, well commented core code, hooks to latch code into, automatic updates (since 3.9, a pro and con, I know)...

Purpose Built CMS: small development team unless you have lots and lots of money to throw at the project, code comments dependent on coder's mood, costly to extend, expensive to replace or modify if the development team vanishes, smaller group of people checking for vulnerabilities, often closed source code, restrictions on usage (depending on contract), limited support channels...

423 out of over 100,000 WP plugins might contain vulnerabilities (those figures are not fact-checked and are very likely underestimates) so that means 99,577 plugins do not contain vulnerabilities (or vulns. have yet to be found in some of them).

WordPress might not be ideal for every use case but it is suited to the needs of most people and is within the price range of most people.

As someone who can develop a CMS (and has developed several) from the ground up, I say that WordPress, despite some shortcomings, is a good start point to work with.

If you dislike a WP plugin, change it. If a plugin is vulnerable, solve the vulnerability. Want to use a new plugin but unsure whether it is vulnerable to attack, check the code and tell the developer about the flaw. Stop faulting WordPress and WP developers and help the project by providing workable solutions.

How many of you complainers have been in business for as long WordPress has been in existence? Do you expect to be around for as long as WordPress will be here?

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