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The Sun took a day off last week and made NO sunspots

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Evidence for assertion of "will soon increase again from the minimum," James ? All knowledge is provisional, theories are not knowledge. Models are thinking aids at best, stumbling blocks once they become received truth. Cycle 24 has not followed most models and differed from all of them so far. We need at least 3500 years of data to be confident about the effects of the known solar cycles to be confident. Some evidence from isotopes exists, but is understandably disputed. As for the term climate science, just a media mumble. Meteorology is a recognized science, but climate science ? Which climate ? Desert, oceanic, coastal, tropic coastal ?

As for current warm spell, still not as warm as Roman and cooler than Minoan. What I do not understand is the obsession of NGOs and bureaucrats with creating energy shortages and making CO2 emissions worse. eg Germany burning more brown coal, everyone creating more CO2 for concrete to be used in windmills that wont produce enough electricity to be worth the effort. Asbestos coat on figuratively.

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