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MH17 -- SA-11 / BUK complexity

John H Woods

MH17 -- SA-11 / BUK complexity

Hi all,

I keep reading that it is unlikely a rebel group could have used this system to brink down MH17 without 'expert help' - presumably the Russians,

Now, I have no idea, but is this true? My military expertise is limited to taking out a few tanks with a Javelin on CoD4, so I have no idea. Are Javelins really that easy to use? Although I would think not, I am tempted to assume that many of these weapons are as easy to use as possible - no time to RTFM in a war. And I generally think that the complexity of a system does not always make it harder to use, often the reverse, because the whole purpose of the complexity in some cases is to assist the human operator.

Can anyone enlighten me? Or amusingly ridicule my naivety in the comments? Thanks in advance.

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