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Data retention: ASIO says Web browsing habits would need a warrant

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what makes ASIO think many of us hand over data for any purpose ? All data hoarders are loathed for the same reason. Websites that demand any purchaser create an "account" with name address phone etc to buy something and one more expletive deleted password to remember reminds me of a late unlamented electronic shop that drove many purchasers crazy with demands for same data. It sparked lampooning anecdotes on alt.rec.humor. Lately I have not bought things simply because of snoopy Buy Now pages.

If ASIO or the rest of the servile servants of the USSA want to snoop, let them convince an court in an auditable reviewed process. Given the cliches delivered by the current AG as received truth, nobody is watching the watchers. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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