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Data retention: ASIO says Web browsing habits would need a warrant


>Hacker attacks on our national infrastructure [or] espionage attempts to obtain our secrets

Hint : Hide your secrets a little bit better to start of with rather than leaving them lying about.

>“If we can watch traffic going through that third-party computer, discarding anything we don't need

So they will discard the trail left behind your prOn perusal ( pull the other one)... And just how will they decide what is and what is not necassary. After all you might be an aspiring terrorist or a peado so they will just keep everything anyway...

>simply looking at the malicious signatures and where they come from, we have taken a great stride forward,”

Only to find that the comprised PC is being controlled by a CC in another far away country. So in other words it gets them no-where other than being able to spy on your PC....

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