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That isn't always possible. It should certainly be the first stop.

But for accredited press sites, the freedom of the press has priority, as long as the information cannot be proven to be inaccurate. Therefore the person has to resort to the search engines to ask that the article doesn't appear when searching for their name.

That way, if say you had been wrongfully arrested for murder, the news sites couldn't remove it, because it is was accurate news at the time - you were arrested on suspicion of murder. However if you were released and a police apology made, but the arrest is still the first thing that is returned for your name after 10 years, even if you have since then been in the headlines as a philanthropist, then you would have the right to have that article not returned when searching for your name, because it is not relevant or no longer relevant.

If you search for "arrests of suspected murderers", it will probably still appear in the list, but you would have to sift it out of the millions of returned results.

The idea is to reduce the impact on your reputation from "no longer relevant" information, whilst still having the information available for those that really want to find it.

So a prospective employer won't find that you were wrongfully arrested by searching for your name, but somebody doing research into the murder itself would still find the article.

Think about it in terms of the traditional press. After its immediate publication everybody who reads the paper knows you were arrested, because it was on the front page. You are released and a small article on page 12 announces you were released without charge...

A few years later, most people won't remember either article and it shouldn't influence your job chances, for example. But an author writing a book on the case can still go to the newspaper archive and dig out all the articles regarding the murder itself, including the articles on your arrest and subsequent release.

In effect it is a way of maintaining the status quo in a time when information is becoming harder and harder to forget, whether it should be forgotten or not.

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