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Guess what, you fucking numpty - most SMBs have one or two Window servers and little more, and that still requires downtime when you have to upgrade a server to 2012 to improve the AD level because most of them don't have a seperate server to host their data/exchange/AD environments because they can't afford to have 2 servers + hot spare. This is true of most SMB environments where no amount of telling them will encourage them to spend more than £3000 on critical infrastructure because IT is a cost centre as far as they are concerned. They'd rather spend that money on staff, office chairs, transport budget etc as they tend not to have money leaking out of their rectums.

And oddly, most clients don't believe that $$$/PA for SA is worth it when they'll likely upgrade their OS when they replace the server(s). Because they can't afford to just throw money at the OS whenever MS have decided they can't be arsed to fix an actual problem.

Pull your head out of your arse AC, you stink of fetid shit, and everyone knows it but you. When you don't have a minimum five figure IT budget per year, this stuff matters.

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