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EU's top data cops to meet Google, Microsoft et al over 'right to be forgotten'

Gannon (J.) Dick

ok, listen up, I'll say this one time only.

Web Architecture means Unicodes are the only thing which have "No right to be forgotten". (Transport Protocol + Top Level Domain) = UnicodeDigit[1], followed by the other "digits". This is a one or more digit transfer [a frame], an anti-pattern - give me everything which matches the pattern. IANA made a quick buck by offering Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD's). Good scam, but it did not change Web Architecture. The "old Boss", UnicodeDigit[1], was an empty suit. Meet the New Boss, etc.

Microsoft and Google et. al. (including the NSA) all wanted to be the Old Boss, now they all want to be the New Boss, because Bosses are unforgetable.

See the problem ? The Old Boss was an empty suit and so is the New Boss.

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