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Your article won't be forgotten. If you mention 10 people in your article, and it shows up when any of those 10 peoples names are searched, then if one of the people you name successfully exercises their "right to be forgotten", your article will still show up up when any of the other 9 of the names are searched.

Rather than a "right to be forgotten", think of it as a "a persons right to control their own index". If the results returned by a search for a persons name have come to define that person, why shouldn't that person have some degree of control of the results of that specific search?

Of course, there will be clashes between the budding exhibitionist "John Smith" who wants to see articles highlighting his outlandish behaviour, and the quiet family man "John Smith" who doesn't want his children finding photos from "Girls Gone Wild" when they google their Dad, but the fact that it isn't easy isn't justification for not working on this issue.

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