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EU's top data cops to meet Google, Microsoft et al over 'right to be forgotten'



The invasion of privacy for profit has become endemic. Any number of companies data mine the net to build profiles of individuals which they market for a fee.

The information is often riddled with errors and omissions. The targeted individual has no way of knowing what information has been sold to whom. Or, what damages they have actually suffered as a result of how incomplete or erroneous information has been used.

An example: A company hiring, faced with a choice of two candidates with virtually identical backgrounds--one of whose profile is complete and one whose has blanks--will chose the candidate with the compete profile. (Without detailing the reasons, I will assert that no other decision is defensible from a business perspective.)

Companies routinely trade in and profit from the use of an individual's name without any thought of compensation to the targeted individual. Only the rich and the famous have any ability to protect their "brand." My brand may be far less valuable, But it clearly has some value, otherwise companies could not charge for the information they peddle.

At least in the US, the legal system governing personal information has become so convoluted that it is virtually impossible for to assign accountability.

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