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Verizon can STFU & FOAD, Kthxbai.

Their "nickel & dime" billing rapes it's customers for every penny we have, and they claim it's all because of the taxes, fees, and surcharges they have to pass along to the customer. We all know that's a metric FekTon of bollocks, since everything except the *Tax* is just made up shite they tack on to inflate the bill.

Their wireless (Cellular) service sucks rancid regurgitated hamster feces, and that's in the spots where you can get a signal at all. They claim to have the largest network, but if that's so, that net has the largest *holes* in it as well. I should not be able to change phones, change *CITIES*, and still never get more than a second of five bars on the Signal Strength, given I went from the State Capital to the outskirts of "Silicon Valley". If neither place has the coverage to get me more than a pair of bars on a good day, what's that say for their (lack of) coverage out in the boonies?

They refuse to maintain their landline copper, even though it's required by law for them to do so, and try to replace it with wireless services that don't cover a tenth the area, aren't available *at all* in power outages, and cost exponentially more per month for crappier service. (See New York's debaucle as an example.) Or them trying to force one California town to pay to upgrade the Verizon infrastructure, even though it's *Verizon's* responsibility to do so, all so the residents of the town could have cell coverage after the storms. It took a lawsuit by the County Government to get Verizon to get their heads out of their arse, repair the damaged transmission towers, and restore service... at which point Verizon doubled everyone's bill with various "fees & surcharges" (not Taxes) as punishment.

Verizon can't be bothered to release software updates to it's customers in a timely manner, and whatever software version the phone was sold with, you can pretty much rest assured it'll *never* get updated... Ever. Which is why it's amazing to hear they're selling devices with Android 4.4 KitKat, but that none of their *OTHER* devices will get 4.4 any time soon (if ever) because they haven't finished validating it yet... Hell, it's not like they're still selling devices with Android 2.x on them or anything, right? /Sarcasm (Hint, they are, and despite those devices being listed as "OTA update capable", being over a year old, and waaaaay past time for such updates, Verizon still refuses to DO so and bring those devices to anything more recent.)

So we're supposed to believe that it's *NOT* Verizon's fault that the connection to Netflix sucks? When those same customers can try on a raw connect with a result of crap, or open a VPN to Netflix & suddenly get the ability to watch full HD streams without buffering? Uh huh, pull the other one, it's got bells on.

No, Verizon can just Shut The Fek Up, Fek Off And Die, and Die In A Fire. I'd like to see them taken out to a bog, dropped in heads first, and held there until they stopped struggling, but the Bog would complain about the infection, disease, and mortal insult of being forced to touch the slime that is Verizon.

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