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No need to worry: US blows $174m on new Cray to simulate nukes

Charles Manning

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" This includes a billion dollars to add new tail fins in order to raise the intelligence of the things"

You have to hand it to Obama and his stratagists, this is brilliant. He keeps the gravy tap open for the military indsutry and still doesn't offend his Huffington post supporters: "Our prez doesn't make bombs, he's just putting tail fins on the old ones so they cause less collateral damage."

"Smart bombing" high yield devices like nukes is pretty pointless. A hit or a 100m miss and you're still going to have a bad day.

Of course there are also the "bunker busting" nukes that would need steering, but as DAM points out, these would move nukes from being defensive weapons of last resort to the everyday use racks.

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