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Re: Newspeak, we can haz it! Although hazing doesn’t hack IT.

The current "nuclear posture" is all about keeping billions of the freshly printed money go to the nice people in the military-industrial complex: ….. Destroy All Monsters

Quite so, Destroy All Monsters, but that no longer servers any great and good purpose for the current “nuclear posture” is being inexorably overtaken and replaced by an advanced cyber posturing with especial attention and quite magical provision of underspending and/or accommodating QE allocations to special forces which be agents of stealthy intelligence services in the, well, Smarter Applied Programming Sector‽ ……

Strange how there’s always shed loads of money always found immediately available for projects and problems which appear to have been conjured out of nowhere and able to target for mass destruction and threaten wholesale disruption of virtually anything, practically anywhere, nowadays ……. which, in the hands and hearts of minds of a certain kind of boffin, they certainly can. Tread carefully and quietly and quite warily in their presents and presence

The enigmatic secret which then remains to destroy all established and establishment forces and sources, if not known and ACTed APTly and most positively upon, is to spend it wisely so that it is isn’t later uncovered and to be discovered to have be lost and wasted and decidedly and designedly improperly channeled into regular and traditional outlets and outfits which be totally unfit for future Greater IntelAIgent Games purpose ……. and Supremely Sublime Cyber Play.

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