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Bodhi is a good choice imho

+1 to Eddy Ito - I'm saving up for a Chromebook, with the intention of installing Bodhi on it.

Chrome OS itself looks to be a reasonable choice for the perennial n00bs among our family & friends, whose diseased Win machines consume far too much of my time.

Bodhi-on-Chromebook info here:-

We like Bodhi - it runs amazingly well on a P3 clocking at 350MHz (P3-700) and can do useful surfing with a mere 256MB RAM installed. No, it can't open 127 tabs in Firefox, but it surfs OK and works fine so long as one respects its limitations.

Built lots of these (mostly using ancient Itronix solid metal laptops with 800x600 touchscreen) for the grandkids.

Bodhi Linux doesn't appeal to everybody - bit like Marmite or Gentleman's Relish - but it does do a good job and is remarkably light on resources, even with bling.

Trouble is that they keep releasing new Chromebooks that keep me saving up for the latest stuff, and the more costly 13 to 14 inch size is appealing. <sigh>

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