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"I wonder what it feels like to work on this stuff?"

Probably not what you meant but.......

People actually spend their working lives devising new and improved ways to kill, maim, etc.

Hiram Maxim (of machine gun fame) was born in America but became Naturalized British and died in 1916. He must have been aware in the last two years of his life of the vast scale of human destruction caused by HIS invention. Wonder how he coped with it? He was an atheist of course, but still....

How do you justify it to yourself? How do you live with it? Does money or nationalism really still your conscience? Do you HAVE a conscience?

What IS conscience actually?

Could YOU do it?

I'm also a non-believer, but if perchance there really IS any truth in it - there presumably must be an especially hot place in hell.....

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