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Acer cranks Chromebooks with Core i3 models

Eddy Ito

If it's anything like the a C720 with the Celeron 2955U then it shouldn't be too difficult. It seems the Ubuntu flavors are well covered as is Arch. Minor tweaking to the patches that get the touchpad and sleep/resume may be necessary for other distributions. Also, there is a custom spin of Bodhi that has all the needed patches already applied and there is a beta of Elementary Freya (formerly Isis) spun for the C720 as well that I've seen. Unfortunately I don't have the links to hand but it's pretty easy to find with DDG or most other search engines of your choice. On the one I picked up I dropped a 64GB SSD in it and installed Elementary Luna and I understand it's been well received as a replacement for my aunt's Eee netbook which she thought was a delight.

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