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I bought the 2GB-RAM/32GB-SSD Acer Touch C720P Chromebook, it is better made than the HP Winlappies that we have at work, the Acer Chromebook is overall brilliant, but I haven't yet seen the HP Chromebooks on sale around here - so I can't give a direct comparison.

I'd say its possibly more suitable for teenagers around 13-17 than for undergrads. The C720P package was around half the price of a refurb 11.6" MacBookAir, I've never noticed any CPU/GPU issues from the C720P haswell 1.4GHz Celeron.

it does digital-life/digital-education really well.

One great tip:

I stuffed in a tiny SDCZ33-064G-B35 (cheap low profile 64GB usb2 flash drive) in order to have 100GB available in the system, avoiding somewhat the Cloud , it does occupy the right-most usb3 slot, leaving just one usb for general use, but it's a neat way around the EU 16GB SSD limits for the Chromebook - which I bypassed anyway by buying direct from the 'states.

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