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You're using semantics.

Wouldn't you call making your business dependent on AWS, even in part, a strategic partnership or business arrangement with Amazon? I know I would. If it isn't, then what words would you use to describe a contracted arrangement where Amazon provides a service that you depend on for a fee then? Because that sounds an awful lot like a business arrangement and a strategic partnership to me. The same would be true if it were on Azure or Google's offering.

Personally, I say making your business beholden to a third-party who does not give a shit about you aside from their paycheck and may decide to compete is a stupid idea, but then again, the "cloud" and the hypegasm surrounding it has eroded my opinion of quite a number of otherwise intelligent people's common sense, and that's before I even get into the privacy issues.

Amazon is behaving exactly as Microsoft has in the past and continues to to an extent, there's no difference at all except presumably you have a positive opinion of Amazon and a negative opinion of Microsoft, so you excuse one's behavior while condemning the other's. Correct me if I'm wrong but thats how it reads to me anyway.

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