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the only problem then is avoiding the bloody spoilers from Trailers the BBC broadcast

My favourite example of this was from something that ITV used to show at post-pub-o'clock. Sadly that space is now taken up by some sort of tv-roulette-scumbaggery. The show was 'Tour of Dury'.

In this episode someone fragged an officer while he's in the toilet. So whodunnit?

I can still remember sitting down with my revitalising cuppa and snack. They had the bit many US shows have before the theme music. "Next on Tour of Duty", and a soldier is shown being led away in handcuffs by the MPs.

Funnily enough, I guessed whodunnit quite early in the show...

I do hate fuckers with their spoilers though. I don't like the soaps, but my Mum was always annoyed when some arse at the Sun or Mirror decided to stick what was going to happen next on their front page. She didn't even read them, but there's always some other bugger willing to compound the felony by reading it out on the radio.

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