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Bus Superiority

Why 470 London buses instead of a smaller number of F35s? Let me list the reasons...

1. Buses are cheaper, the Conservatives are all about saving money you know.

2. Buses are more reliable, the Conservatives are very reliable about reliability.

3. Bus drivers are cheaper to train than fighter pilots (see point 1 above). These drivers won't be unionised (Conservatives all let out a big sigh).

4. Buses, London buses in particular, are more manoeuvrable than the F35. Who knew? Not the RAF and RN that's for sure...

5. London buses are faster than the F35, can sustain supersonic speeds for longer while using less fuel in the process (see point 1 above).

6. London buses have a proven kill record, one considerably better than the F35 in fact. So far the F35 has only been proven to kill budgets, London buses have killed actual people!

7. Buses are basically more airworthy and mission-capable than the F35. Who knew? London commuters, that's who.

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