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Royal Navy parks 470 double-decker buses on Queen Elizabeth


Still utterly useless

...without the tin cans and other screening elements this huge target needs to actually be able to operate. Given that the Brylcreem brigade scuppered the last attempt at updating our carriers and left the way open for the down-sizing of the tin cans, perhaps the budget for rebuilding our screening force should come from them?

Natch, it'll never happen. Aerial superiority is another of those phrases they like to throw out like it trumps everything else, never mind they had to move Singapore to make their case that we don't need to rule the waves. One wonders how the Falklands would have turned out had the Invincible and her Harriers not been available.

Good luck to HMS Queen Elizabeth and her crew. I have a feeling they're going to need it

/me raises glass to a willing foe and sea room...

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