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I suspect, that were we able to plot the introduction of the various strategies for sideways usurpation of power by government, that exchanging liberties and freedoms for the promise of safety would appear immediately following the kidnapping and harming of loved ones. The entire premise is pure shit any way you look at it.

On one hand you've got leaders who are openly admitting they are incapable of doing their jobs. Results are not part of the job description. Results within the confines established as the foundations of the nation are the job. Any random chucklefuck off the street can lead if they don't have rules to follow. If they can't succeed where others have they simply aren't fit for purpose. Period.

Alternatively, we can view the 'safety for Liberty' exchange as extortion. Implying, or directly, threatening people with some sort of harm or hardship unless you do as directed is extortion. It's illegal as shit. I'm fairly certain Western governments are familiar with extortion. They should be well aware of how it works seeing as how they've spent the last two decades prosecuting everyone from actual mobsters to counterfeit BeanieBaby importers and P2P 'pirates' under organized crime laws where extortion is a pretty big fucking component.

Voters and politicians, both current and hopeful, need to decide how they are going to categorize those advocating for security in exchange for Liberty. Are they woefully ill equipped to lead in the modern world or are they criminals threatening your family and friends? Those are the only two choices. Advocating security in exchange for Liberty can only be failure or a crime.

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