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I have probably been on the NSA, Mi5, GCHQ and everyone elses red list for some time because I dare to criticize openly UK/US global interference in the pursuit of US government foreign policy agendas. Personally I don't particulary care who's damn list I am on if they wish to waste their time, bring it on. I am more worried about the brainwashed sheep who think that governments have any interest other than their own corrupt self interest and that of their even more corrupt financial backers.

Anyone who thinks we have democracy is living on a different planet, to most governments the individual is nothing more than an economic unit to be exploited. 1984 is a reality and has been for some time. "Security" is bandied about as an excuse for devious control by the state of its people. When the government no longer trusts its people it is the time for the people to remove the government.

Bt the people, of the people for the people. They are our servants, they conveniently forget that in their lust for power, wealth and influence.

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