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Western Australia considers ban on R18+ games


". . . the document asks “whether the current regime adequately protects children and young people from harm caused by exposure to adult or inappropriate content”."

Okay, I think I've figured out where you've gone wrong. The 'regime' is not supposed to protect children from such things, parents are.

Easy mistake to make. Apparently . . .

Classifications are there to help inform parents so they can make (more) educated decisions about content they haven't seen yet, without having to sit through it first. There are also numerous 'guilty mum' sites around the web that review all manner of content including books, TV shows, movies, websites and video games and provide information for other parents to use when deciding whether something is suitable for their child.

Given that R18+ games (and movies) aren't legally available to children, banning them entirely is effectively saying that the government doesn't trust parents to, well, parent.

I am don't have kids myself, but on behalf of all my friends who do and indeed on behalf of my parents, fuck right off.

Yes, kids, if determined, will get hold of such content but if they really are that determined, they will do so regardless of whether you make it illegal in Australia or not. Just as kids can and do get hold of other restricted content or indeed substances. Banning something nearly never works - at least not the way its intended to.

Ban a game and kids will download it just to say they've played it. This happened back when I was a teenager and we'd talk up games that were clearly not that great - I remember Phantasmagoria as one - just because they were banned.

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